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Kickstart your healthy lifestyle with the revolutionary 21 Day Ketogenic System designed to be cyclical which includes 3 powerful supplements that will supercharge your energy and burn body fat.  This clean eating system will get your body into ketosis in an hour!

Our KETO BHB Exogenous Salts is specially formulated through a proprietary process to quickly induce ketosis within an hour.  Beta-hydroxybutyrate is blended with calcium and magnesium salts to increase absorption of ketones.†  

KETO MCT Oil Powder
We use the purest MCT Oil from hand-picked coconuts with the highest digestibility.  Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) are triglycerides often found in foods such as coconut oil and other vegetables.  MCTs are an essential source of energy for ketosis.  The body transports the MCTs into cells and burned for energy.  The liver can then transform MCTs into ketones which are needed for inducing ketosis.† 

Our KETO Protein is a low carb plant-based protein with adaptogenic properties that helps to reduce stress, restore and sustain energy, and control stress-related weight gain, while boosting focus and mental stamina.† 



A Day on the Ketogenic System

Breakfast:  Add MCT Oil Powder to your morning beverage while adhering to the Ketogenic Food Groups.

Lunch: Add Ketone BHB Salts to Keto-friendly Protein or Keto Meal Shake

Dinner: Add Aminos + Coconut Oil Powder to your favorite no carb or low carb beverage.  Adhere to Ketogenic Food Groups.

Ketogenic Food Groups include healthy plant oils, leafy green vegetables (above ground), nuts, seeds, berries, and cheese.

Foods to stay away from include bread, pasta, sugar, milk, beans, and rice.


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