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Have questions? We have the answers! Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive.


Q. Are your products Certified Kosher?
A. No, we do not claim that our products are kosher.  Our products are, however, certified vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free.

Q. Are your products Lactose-free or Dairy-free?
A. It's both!  Our product do not contain lactose or dairy.

Q. Do any of your products contain soy?
A. Nope.

Q. How about gluten?  Isn't wheat grass and barley grass gluten?
A. Great question! Pure wheat grass and barley grass (just the grass, with absolutely no seeds) do not contain gluten.  The type of gluten that causes reactions in those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity occurs in the grains -- i.e., the seeds -- produced by the grass plants wheat and barley.  Therefore, our products do not contain gluten.

Q. How are your products "certified vegan?"
A. We submitted all of our products to Vegan Action (  After verifying that our products are indeed vegan, they allow us to use their logo to help consumers identify that our products do not contain animal or animal by-products (such as eggs or milk).  Nor do we test our products on any animal.  We are proud to be a vegan-friendly business.

Q. What about the capsules you use?  Don't they contain gelatin?
A. We use the newest plant-based capsules called Plantcaps™.  Plantcaps™ capsules is made from pullulan - naturally fermented from tapioca.  Because it is made of pullulan – a vegetable-derived, water-soluble polysaccharide produced through a natural fermentation process – Plantcaps is a more natural alternative. They are preservative free, allergen free, starch free and gluten free.  



Q. Is there somewhere I can find the ingredients for the RawJuvenate Organic Detox?
A. Yes! Each product in the detox system has it's own details page which has the ingredients and supplement facts.  Click on the product below for it's details:

Q. With the 4 Week System, can I eat other foods or is this all i consume for the next 4 weeks?
A. We don't believe in complete fasting.  Our detox is a gentle and gradual cleanse that you can either do for 2 weeks or 4 weeks.  You simply replace one solid meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) with one liquid meal.  Most people who use RawJuvenate replace their breakfast with the RawJuvenate Energy Shake, then eat a healthy lunch and dinner.  Through out the day, they will take an Aloe, Vegan Probiotic and Fiber capsule.

Q. When should I take the supplements/capsules?  Should I take it all at once or should I spread it out throughout the day?
We recommend that you spread it out throughout the day when you start until your body gets use to it.  The best time about 30 minutes after you eat.

Q. Can I replace more than one solid meal?  Or can I replace all meals?
It is not recommended to replace more than one solid meal with RawJuvenate Organic Detox.

Q. How often can I do the detox? I just finished the 30-Day.  Can I start another 30-Day or should i take a break between detoxes?
We recommend doing a detox once every 3 months, but it is definitely safe enough to do back-to-back detoxes.

Q. What is the difference between the 2 Week Starter and the 4 Week System?
The only difference between the two systems is length of time.  All the ingredients and instructions are exactly the same.

Q. Is there a specific diet or meal plan I should follow while on the detox?
We believe that those who use our detox want to start or continue a healthy lifestyle.  This means eating balanced and nutritous meals that are low in fat, but high in fiber and nutrition. We do not have a specific diet or meal plan because everybody's needs are different.

Q. Is it safe for nursing/breastfeeding mothers?
A. Yes, our RawJuvenate Organic Detox is all-natural and safe enough for nursing mothers, however, we do not recommend replacing a meal with liquid meal. Instead, you can use RawJuvenate as a supplement to help with gastrointestinal issues that are common after giving birth, as well as replenishing your body with healthy nutrients from our super greens and vegan protein.  As with all dietary supplements, we still recommend you consult with your physician if you are nursing or breastfeeding.

Q. Can I take this while on medication?
A. Unfortunately, we are not medical professionals.  You should ask your health care provider before taking this or any dietary supplement.

Q. If I choose to do the Energy Shake in the morning, should I drink it before or after my workout?
A. It really depends on what your body is use to.  Some people need to eat something before their workout so that they have energy.  Some people find that they can't eat before a workout because it doesn't make them feel well or they get cramps.  Some people like to have the Energy Shake after a workout to help with their recovery.  Whenever you choose to drink your Energy Shake, you're body will be absorbing the nutrients, protein and omega 3, 6 and 9 from the super greens and vegan protein.



Q. I just bought a voucher.  How do I apply it to my order?
A. Simply enter your voucher number in the field that says "DISCOUNT CODES"  and click the "APPLY COUPON" button when you are on your shopping cart page.

Q. Where is the Voucher Code redemption field?
A. It is located in on your "Shopping Cart" page half way down.  You may need to scroll down a little, depending on your monitor.

Q. Why am I getting charged $5.00?
A. The $5.00 charge is for shipping. If you purchased a voucher through LivingSocial or a similar coupon/deal site, there is a flate-rate of $5.00 charged for shipping in the continental U.S.

Q. I bought a Voucher, can I have my product shipped internationally?
A. Unfortunately, we are currently not offering international shipping for orders placed via Third-party vouchers.

Q. I just ordered my product with the Voucher.  How long will it take to ship out?
A. Third party voucher orders may take an additional 5-7 business days to ship.  You may choose to expedite your order for an added cost of $20.00.  Expedited orders will be shipped out within 1 business day. Expedited orders placed over the weekend will ship out on Monday.

Q. Can I return the product after I redeem my Voucher?
A. Unfortunately, there are no cancellations, returns or exchanges once redeemed.



Q. I just placed an order but I did not receive a confirmation email.  What should I do?
A. Please check your spam mailbox.  Sometimes these emails go there.  If you don't see it, you can CONTACT US.

Q. I have questions about my order.  What should I do?

Q. I haven't received my package.  What should I do?

Q. Who is the carrier that is delivering my order?
A.  If tracking ID starts with a “9”= USPS.  If tracking ID starts with “IZ” = UPS