Raw Green Response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we’ve been focused on two main guiding principles: protecting the health and safety of our employees and protecting our ability to make and supply safe supplements. That being said, we wanted to provide an update on the measures Raw Green has taken during this time. 

What Raw Green is Doing to Keep Employees Safe:

  1. As a supplement manufacturing company, proper handwashing technique and general hygiene has always been required. That said, a letter has been sent to reinforce the necessity of this practice for both production and office employees.
  2. Employees are required to stay home if they show any symptoms of respiratory or flu-like illness and will be sent home in accordance to our health policies in the event they come to work.
  3. While we place great value on in-person meetings and industry events, all personnel have been instructed to limit travel unless otherwise necessary.

What UAS is Doing to Avoid Supply Disruption:

  1. Management has approved a buy-forward (inventory build) on potentially impacted items including ingredients and safety supplies.
  2. A letter has been sent to all current suppliers requesting an impact update; at this this time the risk reported has been little to no risk. This includes raw materials, components, packaging and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  3. Our facility has purchased PPE equipment preemptively and have identified alternative suppliers to ensure availability.
  4. Raw Green has partnered with strategic suppliers who are also maintaining safety stock of all required materials.
  5. A team of managers is closely monitoring mission-critical items which, if missing, would shut down production. There is little to no risk currently.  

Customer Awareness:

  1. Please know, we are aware of health and business concerns and will continue to monitor the situation and will adjust plans as necessary.
  2. Please work closely with your sales and customer service representatives on any upcoming or open orders; again, we are not facing supply or production concerns at this time.
  3. With the general population seeking immune-based health products, we are noticing a spike in customer demand. We understand that you may be trying to proactively stock up on inventory. If this is the case, please work with your sales representative to update your forecast.

As always, we appreciate your loyalty and will continue to keep you informed if changes arise. 

The Raw Green Family