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5-Day Superfoods Smoothie Cleanse

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Short and easy detox to fit your busy schedule, our new 5-Day Superfoods Smoothie Cleanse boosts body function, increases energy while making you look and feel lighter and brighter. Experienced cleansers will love the quick pick-me-up and return to healthy habits, while cleansing newbies can experience a full cleanse in just a few short days.  


5 - Detox Greens Morning Smoothies
5 - Daily Supplement Packets (Probiotics, Fiber & Aloe)
5 - Nutrient Dense Afternoon Smoothies
5 - Evening Stress Reducing Adaptogen Lattes


  1. Blend and drink the Detox Greens Morning Smoothies for breakfast.
  2. Supplement with the Probiotics, Fiber and/or Aloe.
  3. Blend and drink a Nutrient Rich Smoothie such as the MATCHA+CHIA Smoothie for lunch.
  4. Eat a healthy dinner with lean proteins and lots of veggies!
  5. Wind down the day with a soothing, caffeine free, adaptogen latte.

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