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Probiotic with Organic Prebiotic

Healthy Belly (Organic Prebiotics + Probiotics)

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Organic Prebiotics + Probiotics powder contains 20 billion CFUs per serving*. The definition of "Probiotic" means 'for life'. Probiotics are actually living micro-organisms that when taken daily could benefit the health of the consumer. These natural and friendly bacteria help to balance our gut microflora and boost our immune system. Inulin is a natural fructo-polysaccharide (a type of carbohydrate molecule) derived from organic Jerusalem artichokes. Our proprietary blend of effective plant-based strains of probiotics and prebiotics may assist with flora balance in your digestive system.* Assists with gas and bloating* Helps to reduce digestive upset* Promotes a healthy digestive system* Assists with occasional diarrhea* Promotes your immune system* Safe for daily use*