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Organic RAW Matcha Powder

Organic RAW Matcha Powder

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Organic Green Matcha Tea Powder is an antioxidant powerhouse. Matcha Green Tea is considered to have one of the highest levels of chlorophyll which produces L-Theanine, an amino acid that has a tendency to both calm and stimulate the mind. Matcha Green Tea has also been used to reduce inflammation and help to maintain the health of arteries, and aid in cell regeneration. Enjoy this brightly colored powder in your lattes, yogurt, smoothies, or with hot water. 


Health Benefits:


Matcha Green Tea has been proven to contain a higher concentration of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) available comparatively to typical green tea, an astounding 137 times greater according to a 2003 study published in the US National Library of Medicine Journal. 



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