Vegan Omega DHA

Vegan Omega DHA

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Plant-source Omega DHA is a healthy plant-based alternative to fish oils and other animal sources.

This unique Omega product consists of a natural combination of unsaturated omega 3/6/9 fatty acids and phospholipids. The source vegetable oils (linseed (flax), thistle and borage oils) are particularly favourable fatty acid fractions. Linseed oil contains a high proportion of plant omega 3 fatty acids, whereas borage and thistle oils contain high quantities of natural omega 6 fatty acids. Linseed and thistle oils additionally supply valuable omega fatty acids. Natural phospholipids round the nutritious spectrum off with valuable lecithin. Vegan Omega DHA is processed by a special procedure to produce a powder formulation and is designed to cover the human body’s needs of essential fatty acids and natural phospholipids.†

Essential Fatty Acids supports the formation of elastic skin, the development of healthy lung tissue, the responsiveness of the immune system and the generation of the nervous system. Fatty acids are essential participants in all of our cell functions and physiological systems. The two main dietary essential fatty acids are the PUFAs linoleic acid (LA) of the n-6 series and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA of the n-3 series. Omega-9 fatty acids are part of the monounsaturated family as they have one double bond at the 9th carbon atom. They are non-essential fatty acids, unlike the other omega fatty acids, these are produced in the body, but still confer health benefits when obtained from ood sources. The main type of omega-9 fatty acids is oleic acid.†


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